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Short Story descriptions

by on Nov.18, 2013, under The Short Stories

The Short Story Collection

The short story collection is presented in PDF format, written in English, and is free to download. To download the following stories, please visit the Download Centre and click on a title you desire.  The short stories can be found below the novels within the Download Center. Each story is a unique creation from the mind of author Phil Armstrong.  More will be added soon for your enjoyment.


A Dark Secret – (5 Pages)     **** Exclusively through this site only ****

Two old pals arrange to meet; it’s been years since their argument.  A Vicar and a famous author were once childhood friends.  The story follows the two men, inextricably bound by the tragic death of a common friend.  A reconciliation is planned, but the plan is derailed by a twist of fate. Fate has a funny way of exposing one man’s dark secret.


The Platform Guard – (9 Pages)

A young woman waits impatiently for her train.  She’s clearly distraught, betrayed by her cheating lover.  A conversation starts with a sympathetic platform guard.  His wisdom educates the young woman about life and love.  The young woman realizes that sometimes lessons are learned in an unorthodox way.


Deadly Negotiations – (10 Pages)

The egotistical banker wants to recall the loan.  A death in the family leaves a young man with the family’s struggling Watchmaker’s store.  The banker strikes an unusual accord.  The challenge is issued, “Make me a unique watch.”  The delivery of a new watch will secure ongoing financing.  If you don’t like your banker, you’ll love the twist in this tale.


The Cross Keys – (8 Pages)

What happens when a person tries to double cross you?  Double cross mayhem plays itself out at The Cross Keys pub in a high stakes game of life and death.

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Book Descriptions

by on Nov.18, 2013, under The Books

Should you wish to Download any of these exciting novels, free of charge, please visit the Download Centre menu option on the main page, located on the menu bar above.


Autumn’s Ravage

Book 1 of The Dream Cane Series

2014 © 2Promises Publishing House

A troubled boy and a wise old man team up to become an unlikely force when their destinies entwine as a matter of convenience. Follow our unlikely hero’s on their mystical adventures powered by an ancient artifact. A fast paced novel that moves through different realms basks in the eternal fight between good and evil. This is the first book in The Dream Cane Series, a novel that poignantly exposes the battle between light and darkness. A riveting novel where suspicion and intrigue, weaves its way effortlessly through an unfolding storyline. This enchanting series will leave you wanting more.

Autumn's Ravage


Witches Snared

Book 2 of The Dream Cane Series

2016 © 2Promises Publishing House

Dan and Raj are again summoned by the Dream Cane to a strange new realm. Danger awaits in the form of evil witches growing in power and casting spells that will plunge this world into eternal darkness. Elfen creatures, a brave crusader knight along with gifted monks, are asked to combine forces with the forest animals to save their world. A fascinating read that spans time and worldly realms culminating in an epic battle that unites the forest’s inhabitants against the most powerful and evil force they have ever encountered. An intelligent read that examines and teases the reader with the concepts of trust, loyalty, betrayal, and of course love. Witches Snared will trap you deep within the adventure, leaving you eager to see where the Dream Cane leads you next.



Princess Ruby of Tamworthia

A Mystical Tale

2012 © 2Promises Publishing House

The sacred forest, in Northern England, is threatened by the oldest of battles; the war between good and evil.  A wicked Witch and a Black Fox, threaten the very existence of the forest and the creatures that live within.  The oldest of Dragons is a Sea Dragon, called a Wyvern.  Can the Wyvern’s old world magic help?  A young girl’s parents fall ill under a sinister spell, cast by the evil Witch.  Can she save her parents?  A tale of Castles, Wyverns, Wood Sprites, Owls, Fairies and Badgers, all united in their struggle for survival.  A book for all ages, this is a really enjoyable read, and a marked departure from the author’s typical genre.  Enjoy the book and remember, open your mind to Mystical things and your life will become mystical!




From the “2 Promises” series, book 1 of 2.

2010 © 2Promises Publishing House

Beth Martindale is a misfit with a fast mind and an equally fast mouth. An unusual intruder throws her quiet, mundane village life, into turmoil. Beth develops a desperate need to keep two distinct, yet intertwined, promises. This cleverly crafted novel charts her journey through England, India, Canada and Belgium, with a fascinating trail of connecting coincidences. Beth’s epic adventure is peppered with humor, insightful quotes and illuminating wisdom.

Beth is a headstrong young woman, determined to keep her two promises, but at what cost?



The Skin of the Gods

From the “2 Promises” series, book 2 of 2.

2011 © 2Promises Publishing House

Book 2 of the series. The oldest of Gods and Evil Spirits from the underworld, start to draw the attention of powerful people.  This novel takes the reader through a maze of deceit, intrigue, and power.  The plot centers on dangerously rich businessmen, scheming to rule the world. Beth Martindale is a young woman drawn into a sinister plot to secure powerful, ancient, artifacts. This gripping story moves through ancient Egypt, medieval England, and modern times, effortlessly. Beth is compelled to stop this evil plot; she must expose a secret society that’s existed for thousands of years. A story of faith, trust and betrayal; this intelligently written, fast paced novel, concludes the 2 Promises series in heart thumping fashion.



skin book.

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